“More altruistic in the Money Game”

Nice to see some of the work we’ve done at BDH featured in this piece on the benefits of feeling insignificant

It’s great to be part of something that makes people feel small.Thanks for the heads up, to my friend Kathryn Jeffs.

I attest to your grey matter.

“They said in the Eighties that painting was dead, well, painting hadn’t even started. It was such a narrow minded period of time, the conceptualists really tried to get rid of painting completely.

The area of imagination, the playing field for art, is so gigantic that no-one’s really explored it. That would be the legacy that I would want to leave, the exploration of what imagination can lead to, how it would compound itself to become expladential.

In other words what my generation does I would like to see another younger generation come and step on that and make that one step further into wild abstraction, to compound the poetry, make it lyrically remarkable.”

Robert Williams on WTF with Marc Maron

Intimacy Show In Brooklyn 


Some friends have work showing tonight (August 22nd, 2015) in the Intimacy exhibition at the Rabbithole Studios in Brooklyn, NYC, between 8-11pm local time.

The show features work by Kate Sweeney, Aaron Tsuru, Molly Broxton, Katie West and many others. 

This from the Huffington Post:

Tsuru commented on a rather shocking photograph, by Molly Broxton, of herself with her late dog’s fur. “It was just so beautiful and touching and exactly the kind of atypical thinking I was hoping to see,” Tsuru told HuffPost. “Intimacy is many things, it’s letting people or other beings or things into our lives in a deeper more personal way.” 

There’s also a great piece in Refinery29 (both links might be a tad NSFW).

As it happens I still haven’t finished repairing my TARDIS, so won’t be able to attend, but I know a few readers are in NYC so you’ve got 6 hours, get to it!

“Did you vote Tory at the last election?”


““Low-income holidaymakers” are the perfect art audience. There’s something very evocative about the British seaside experience. This show is modelled on the failed winter wonderlands they build every December that get shut down by trading standards – where they charge £20 to look at some alsatians with antlers taped to their heads towing a sleigh made from a skip. Essentially this is a theme park that Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen would endorse. The advantage of putting art in a small seaside town is you’re only competing with donkeys.I think a museum is a bad place to look at art; the worst context for art is other art.

Intermittently Regular 365 Sketch Project Update 90-101

Again, who cares if I’m not daily. This collection contains drawings made during our 2 week family holiday to St. Ives Bay between Gwithian and Hayle. We had a wonderful time and it was something all of us needed after a particularly textural year. My only regret with these is I didn’t take any colour facility, but I was resting.

All images link through to the Instagram post from whence they came. An angel meets a fairy every time you click through and give one of the drawings a like.

90/365 White ladies Road walkers walking. Long day doing very slow test render frames, heavy ray tracing. Took to drawing people going by outside. There are two trees framing my vantage point, so I had 2 to 4 seconds (depending on pedestrian velocity) to see the individual, then made the marks after they had disappeared from view. Reminds me of a life drawing exercise where model and easel are placed in separate rooms, sometimes separate floors to promote the act of looking. Bonus traffic cones. V-ball. Notebook: Ethel

91/355 The hallowed Vittoria on Whiteladies Road. Home to the occasional accidentally lost evening. Currently doing a nice line in sandwiches. A bit rusty and I bit of more than I can chew with the architectural aspects. At some point one realises one should’ve measured stuff. Probably will return to this. 30mins. (Lunch break) Pencil. Notebook: Ethel.

2/365 The washing up needed doing and I could only find a biro. 5 mins. Pen. Notebook: Ethel
92/365 The washing up needed doing and I could only find a biro. 5 mins. Pen. Notebook: Ethel

93/365 Fallen slightly behind in uploading these, so prepare for high volume. We just got back from 2 weeks in St. Ives Bay, and although the area has a reputation for art and drawing my main plan for the holiday was to do very little. However drawings did occur. Here’s some windows from the nearby town of Hayle. Straight to V-Ball. 2 mins. Notebook: Artemis.

94/365 View of St Ives from the beach across the bay. If I had taken watercolours I could done a sketch of this every hour a not come up with two the same, the light and colour are constantly changing. Straight to V-Ball. 10 mins. Notebook: Ethel.

95/365 I spent most of the holiday trying to be without my phone. So when my Youngest completed a rather impressive sand castle complex then asked me to take a photo, I crumbled with regret. The only option was to draw it instead (like they did in the old days). In the face of my obvious disappointment at the result, Youngest deemed it an accurate reflection of his efforts. Pencil. 15 minutes. Notebook: Ethel.

96/365 One of the life guard stations on St. Ives Bay beach, partly hidden in the dunes and the grass. They attend from 10-6 to save your life. Blessed are they all. Pencil. 20 mins. Notebook: Ethel

97/365 Sitting in the Ice Cream Parlour on the sea front of St. Ives (I wasn’t eating because I’m watching my figure), looking across the bay with Porthminster Beach on the right there. Fond memories of St Ives from many years past when lack of children meant we could visit out of season, and walk the empty beautiful streets at leisure. Still good though. Straight to V-Ball. 5 minutes. Notebook: Artemis

98/365 Various people on the beach on St Ives Bay. Including surfers, families, lifeguards, hikers, dogs, flags, kites. Most of human life passing the time. Straight to V-Ball. 20 mins. Notebook: Ethel.

99/365 Super fast rooftop study. Waiting for the shopping expedition to return. Hayle. Pencil. 4 mins. Notebook: Artemis

100/365 That’s number ONE HUNDRED😀🎉🎉🎉🎉👌👍 Houses and shop fronts through bushes. Hayle. That’s bunting not Tibetan Prayer Flags #notbristol. Multicoloured biro. 15 mins Notebook: Ethel NUMBER ONE HUNDRED, I said. Dooosh!

101/365 Godrevy Lighthouse viewed from St Ives Bay Beach. The last one for today you’ll be relieved to hear. Again given a watercolour set and the inclination I could’ve made a sketch every hour and ended the fortnight with a hundred and a half of pictures all very different in colour and mood such was the transient nature of the light there. Pencil. 25 mins Notebook: Ethel