Lisiecki Plays Chopin: From Every Angle

This week saw the very first Bristol Proms get underway and on Monday night BDH collaborated with the Bristol Old Vic, the Watershed and a fantastic team of technicians to showcase the extraordinary Jan Lisieki playing Chopin’s Etudes.


Lisieki performed on the stage of the Old Vic surrounded by cameras and scanning equipment, whilst a team of film makers technicians and artists weaved a live visual interpretation of the event, including CGI (by me), scanned versions of Jan and multiple camera angles, which was beamed over to the Watershed as a unique live experience to be enjoyed by a clapping and cheering crowd.

It was a great experience working on a live event with such a great crew, many lessons were learned and hopefully we can do more in the future, there is so much to explore with the live generation of 3D animation and it’s interaction with a real time event.

Here’s some grabs from the days leading up to the concert:

An edited and finessed version of the Watershed feed will be shown on Saturday night on More4 as part of their Piano Night.

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“How many rainbows can light create for the untutored eye?” – Vine and Me

Yes, so I got a bit excited when they released Vine for Android. It suddenly seemed the whole inventing smart phone thing suddenly had an actual purpose for me. I could make animated journal type entries actually on the go, without having to record everything and go back to base to put it together.

A real stroke of genius for me is that you can’t upload previously made movies, you have to go live, so creating animation becomes a superpower of being able to tap the screen with sufficient deftness you only trigger one frame and then some people go to the next level with using external lenses and tripods and things.

Unfortunately my phone is at the menders (dodgy power socket on those Samsung Galaxy Mini’s apparently), but the only thing I am really missing is the Vining.

I began by deleting a lot of early attempts but then came to the conclusion it’s best just to put it all out there, because often there’s a quality that comes out of the Vine you were not expecting, and the imperfection of it is the best thing.

Most of these have sound, and it’s usually relevant.

These next three are taken at various stages of making my way home after the pub.

(The title of this post is a quote from the mighty mighty Stan Brakhage)

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Rise Of The Continents


Rise Of The Continents, which we did extensive work for at BDH, is currently airing at 9pm on BBC2 on Sundays. If you are in the UK you can catch up with the whole series here on the iPlayer.

There is also some words on the process on the BBC website:

“The first stop was to understand and interpret the geological data. The production team at the BBC approached Professor Christopher Scotese, a leading expert in paleogeology from the University of Texas and creator of the Paleomap Project. This virtual reconstruction is a thirty year undertaking which aims to map the changing distribution of land and sea. By combining data from various fields of earth science, he mapped the movement and formation of our continents over the last billion years.

With Professor Scotese acting as a scientific advisor to the programme, the graphics team were able to use the geological data relating to land and plate tectonics to build the graphics. By subsequently playing with colour, size and special lens effects, the team created bold CGI sequences that would help clearly explain how the Earth works.”

Read more here.

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Week Off Ramblings


I just ended a week off, coinciding with the half term break. I assembled a basketball hoop, learnt some more Max and generally took it easy.
I took a lot of pictures and made a few image sequences which I posted on G+, they only work on there so I can’t embed.
(One day there’ll be Vine for Android then I can take over the world.)
I have also made some progress on the very slow burning stereoscopic project I’ve been working on for too long.
Rise of the Continents hits BBC2 next weekend, so I might have to put something on here about that.
I just started Remains of the Day, the phrase “mistaking the superficialities for the essence” really stuck with me.

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Moving In

Due to my concerned over putting all my internets in one basket and the fact that Google miffed me off because they’re closing Reader, I decided to port my slowblog onto WordPress.

I don’t have much time so the operation has been a tad clumsy.  I also decided to prune some of the weaker posts so some of the links might not work, but eventually it should get there.

Kettle’s on, make yourself at home.

(PS – if you can see the ad, apologies, I’ll get that sorted in due course. Early days.)

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