Reading in Late Summer.

I have several books on the go at once. I like print best, but these days it’s good to have a Kindle book on the phone for emergencies and an audiobook in the car. I read a lot of comics as well, it should be noted, though I can never get enough of them.

Recently finished:

Boxers/Saints by Gene Luen Yang (x) – I have mentioned this here before. Wonderful, beautiful, simple, complex. A very personal, magical realist take on the horrific events that unfolded in China at the turn of the century. It’s in two volumes so he could present a story from either side. The cross over like Moon Knight and Hulk. It made me want to read the Bibliography. Yes, basically.

The Mighty Avengers, Vol.5: Earth’s Mightiest (x) – I’ve been getting these superhero collections out for my son and pre-reading them to see if I approve. This was a bit complex for him, and not because the plot was difficult, but they’re using this form where each image is like an oil painting, but with huge amounts of text per panel. I would say it took me about twice as long to read a page of this as it would to read a page of prose. But, you know, I’m probably not in the target demographic. Also, someone needs to go back to Drawing Ladies school, sorry. Jeez.

Essential Avengers, Vol. 9 (x) – Again, proof reading this for the younglings. This is the era of stuff I probably read when I was their age. They both found it difficult to read. The removal of the colour destroys a lot of the composition, and flow, if these had been draw in black and white they would’ve used more black. Also the attitudes and culture in them is far too antiquated for a 10 year old. Why is everything like this? Makes you realise the world is making progress. But again interesting from my perspective, this contains the origin story of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and the Vision just cracks me up. They really need to think about that colour thing when they reprint though. This stuff is meant to be for kids. HELP THEM.

The Push Man and Other Stories by Yoshihiro Tatsumi (x) – Interesting from a technical point of view of layout and story structure, execution of plot in short form etc. But, yes, content bleaker than bleak. the violence, hatred and misogyny drips off the page and kinds of nullifies any benefit mentioned earlier. Wasn’t prepared to recommend it to anyone I know. In the preface Tatsumi asks not to judge him on these early works alone. Almost interested enough to see what else he did, maybe.

My Man Jeeves by PG Wodehouse (x) – Ashamed to say this is my first Wodehouse. It’s taken me a while to get past the poshness. But worth it. Very pleasant. Although I felt slightly mugged by the stories about some other dude who also happens to have a butler.

Currently reading: Slaughterhouse Five (x), Written on the Body (x), The Brothers Karamazov (x), A Game of Thrones (x).

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75/365 Various folks walking down Whiteladies.

I thought I would start posting these sketched here directly, as well as on Instagram.  It gives me more free reign to add rambling thoughts afterwards.



Drawn without looking. I went in quite hard with the snapseed as you can tell.

Pencil. Notebook: Ethel

Here’s the previous one:

74/365 Various people on Whiteladies Road. Pencil and V-ball. Notebook: as-yet-still-untitled

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List of things.

1. Honeyblood

Heard this tune when walking past the radio at work, I only heard a few seconds and I was completely hooked. The album’s great (buy it). This track is called Choker, been listening to it a lot.

“This song is loosely based on a short story by Angela Carter called ‘The Bloody Chamber’.

Mostly, it’s about not letting anybody **** you around, even when they are trying to kill you. **** that ****.”


True to form I discovered them days after they had played Bristol. Curses.

2. Playlists/Cassettes

They don't make them like this anymore

They don’t make them like this anymore

I recently met a old and dear friend of mine, who I do not see enough of. We used to communicate with compilation tapes. So when he came over he brought a CD of stuff he was listening to. So I made one for him. I had completely forgot about he process of this, the rise and fall, does this song work well before that one, do those three tracks work well together. Listening to it over and over to see if it worked.

Does anyone do that anymore, apart from DJs. It’s a beautiful thing. We got Spotification and even iTunes before that eating that decision process up for us. I know there’s places like 8tracks still around for this, but still.

3. Facebook can be useful

I recently reposted 70/365 on my Facebook and it inspired an exchange of how it could be be transferred into film. These two classics were posted as a steer for the concept.

Fuji by Robert Breer

and Feeling My Way by Jonathan Hodgson


4. Boxers/Saints

Recently read Boxers/Saints by Gene Lueng Yang. It’s a two volume magical realist semi-history of the Boxer Rebellion in China in 1899. Each book is told from a different perspective. It’s very personal and manages to say a lot about history and what is remembered underneath the story itself which is compelling.


5. Somebody App

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this here before. Artist and writer Miranda July made a messenger app that, instead of sending a text direct to the recipient, will locate someone nearby using GPS and then gets them to pass on the message verbally. You can give instruction for emotional tone, and so on.
The actual app is here:
and there is a rather crazy short on how it can be used here:

I’m currently on Android, so you can’t try on me.

6. Sprautumn

..and I decided to put my face on all my profiles, not sure if it’ll make people relax because I’m obviously a human or give them the spooks. I call it my Bat Country Portrait.

7. I remembered Vine


Then I forgot it again.

Coxy is still on telly. Don’t miss it.

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Very Undaily 365 Sketch Project Update: 69-73

..and to add insult to injury two of these I have already posted here. But in the spirit of complete-ism and putting everything down this blog pipe, here we are.

Notebooks Zebulon (9 x 14 pocket Moleskine) and Leonidas (8 x 11 homemade pocket book) are now retired (so you can see I do continue to use them, it’s just most of the content is not suitable for posting in the internet (and I mean that in a nice way)). Ethel (13 x 21 Moleskine) is still going strong, and is what I am mainly using for writing, mapping, drawing, general ranting and work. I also have a new shiny currently un-named homemade pocket book. I’m sticking with just the two for now, as I’m currently liking seeing the consistency and flow in build up in Ethel, and I obviously need a smaller pocket book that I can be a Everyday Carry type object for emergencies.

(above from a week or so ago) Notebook Zebulon is close to the end. But there are a few corners not filled with indecipherable tiny writing.

A few items are coming to a head, at BDH one large project at work is being broadcast at the moment and the Very Large Animation job we did earlier in the year is on the brink. Also a small personal piece to be published in a new and very exiting way with other stuff that’s much better than mine. The “things planned” part are art things (as opposed to wok things) that I hope to post about here as I progress through them. That involves removing a few shackles of hesitancy on my part. Not to mention my bionically slow progress. But one can only try.

What? Oh, yes sketches, they get pushed to the back of the queue on a daily basis, then I feel bad. But I have to keep reminding myself, NOBODY CARES, so it’s ok. Might also start playing with posting them straight here and pinging them out then putting them on Instagram, instead of the other way around.

69/365. Elaboration on guitar under the desk started in 61/365. It does get played, btw. Multi-coloured biro. Notebook: Ethel

70/365 Various horizon lines drawn from the window of the 11:30 to London Paddington. Going through Bath Spa, Chippenham, Swindon, Didcot Parkway. V-ball. Notebook: Ethel.

71/365 Back-ends of various vehicles drawn during mildly epic road trip (when stationary and when it was safe to do so, obv) from Hunstanton through Peterborough, A47, M6, M5 etc. 7 hours journey time in total. See images of both #east and #west seas (taken on same day) earlier in this feed. V-ball. Notebook: Ethel.

72/365 Hot air balloon that just flew low over our town at speed. They take off from Ashton Court which is about 9 miles away so they seem to have got the pace without the altitude. We could see the shape of the flames from the burners very cleary. I have friends who have seen balloons so low over Bristol they have had conversations with the occupants. Pencil. Without looking. Notebook: Ethel

73/364 Heads of moving horses, drawn without looking. Straight to V-ball. Notebook: Ethel


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Human Universe

17aa70a6-948e-41ee-8256-e652183dcf1cAt BDH I was recently a small part of the awesomeness that was the CGI and graphics team on The new Professor Brian Cox series Human Universe.

It begins, with the first episode “Apeman-Spaceman” this evening (Tuesday 7th October) on BBC TWO.

We previously worked on the Wonders of the Universe and Wonders of Life with the same team.




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